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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank you Coleen!

The result in District 2 wasn't what we had hoped for, but the numbers were good, and thanks to Coleen, more people learned about the truth behind the votes, and gained an insight into the true character of the right wing. I take comfort in the fact that John Kline and the remaining Republicans will have a strong leader in Nancy Pelosi, and bi-partisanship will be a fact, and no longer a hollow talking point.

It is also comforting to know that leadership will shift on two of the committees John Kline is a member of... the House Armed Services Committee, and the Education and the Workforce Committee. Perhaps now our troops and veterans will get what they need, and we can get real pension and other reform that benefits the workers of Minnesota, rather than the corporations that take advantage of them.

I am overjoyed that once again, we will have oversight, accountability, and integrity in our government. Perhaps with transparency and a greater expectation for results, Kline will drop the arrogant and condescending attitude he exhibited during the campaign. Humility is a good thing. Americans sent a clear message to Washington; we will be watching Kline's votes to see if he heard it.

I can confidently say Coleen is more in touch with Minnesota and our nation, shown clearly by the overwhelming shift in favor of the Democrats at both the national and state levels. I am also confident District 2 will continue to grow and diversify over the next couple of years, and we can look forward to 2008.

I want to thank Coleen for her efforts, dedication, honesty, and determination to talk about the issues that matter to us. Coleen showed what a genuine grass-roots effort could do, she is a valuable asset to Minnesota, and we would benefit greatly by her continued involvement in public service.

Thank you Coleen!