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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


You know him. That brave marine who stands up for the American Way?

That guy who expects everyone else to be squeaky clean?

Well, when it's his campaign contributors who are in trouble, maybe the rules are different....

When someone finally got mad enough to out Foley for hitting on underage kids, suddenly a lot of Righteous Republicans are kinda quiet....

Seems that the 'Publican leadership knew 'bout Foley 'way back in 2001. "Matthew Loraditch, a page in the 2001-2002 class, told ABC News he and other pages were warned about Foley by a supervisor."

It's difficult to tell, at present, whether there was an active coverup, or "merely" an acute case of "see-no-evil" going on. By last fall, however, hard evidence had surfaced that Foley was behaving badly.

That's when Rodney Alexander (R-FL), learned from a staffer that a page he had sponsored was the recipient of some "overly friendly" emails from Foley.

Alexander contacted "House Leadership" -- that would be Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, and either Tom Delay or Roy Blunt (D-MO). He also talked with Thomas Reynolds (R-NY), chairman of the House Republican campaign organization, and John Shimkus(R-IL), chair of the Republican Page Board. Majority Leader John Boehner(R-OH) has admitted publically that he knew by the spring of 2006.

Yet none of these men contacted law enforcement or child protective services. In fact, "[d]espite all of this, Boehner allowed Foley to remain chair of the House caucus devoted to protecting children from sexual predators. Not only is this disturbing, it doesn't make any sense."

Or does it?

Over the last 9 years, Foley has given the National Republican Congressional Committee, chaired by Reynolds, at least $525,000. Interestingly, the $100,000 donated this last July is the ONLY contribution Foley's committee has made this year.

And, this year, Foley's normally safe 'Publican seat was being challenged by a Dem who could afford to bankroll his own campaign. In other words, without Foley, that nice safe seat might flip. Much more sensible to hush things up until after the elections, and then replace Foley with a safe team player.

So those who knew decided to keep quiet for the Good of the Party. (Party being more important than country or pages--or even the law of the land, of course.)

And the Foley cover-up began....

Who broke the news?

Although many would like to point to the Democrats, there is considerable evidence that this sexual predator scandal, like most others, was uncovered not by the responsible adults, but by the victims themselves.

workingmansblues calls it "Revenge of the Interns", and builds a strong case. (

Congressman or priest, the storyline doesn't change.

The whole sordid tale matches, main point by main point, a tale told at Daily Kos by another victim in a different time and place. "Bob Johnson" offers "The Foley case: I've seen this before...personally"

In the beginning was
1) the incident. Then came
2) the sympathetic but unhelpful parents/authorities. Next,
3) the early whispers and
4) the minimizing non-response by authorities. Eventually comes
5) the mainstream publicity and
6) still nothing being done by the authorities until
7) the victim gets fed up. The victim
8) contacts a hungry reporter with lots of juicy details and
9) the perp is finally outed, and
10) forced to resign in disgrace, while
11) still not facing much of anything for legal consequences.

Always, in the final chorus, there are two voices. One speaks for the victim and calls for justice. The other demurs, minimizes, and enables the next round of abuse.

Today, Coleen Rowley spoke for the victims, joining members of Congress from both parties in a call for the resignation of the officials who allowed the abuse to continue for months after learning of it.

John Kline spoke for the enablers, telling Talking Points Memo yesterday that he stood 100% with Hastert; he doesn't believe that Hastert knew. (

For what it is worth, Kline's record shows that has received the following campaign contributions since 1999: $164,576 from Tom Reynolds, $36,574 from John Boehner, $36,000 from Dennis Hastert, $22,686 from Roy Blunt, and $500 from John Shimkus.