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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kline Rev's Up His Lie Machine


Well, folks, here we go again. John Kline's campaign must be worried about the latest polls, because he's spun up to full speed again with his inaccurate and irrelevant smears.

First, two mailers were sent out stating that Rowley "wants to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens." This is just another instance (I've lost count now) of Kline setting up straw men to knock over. Obviously, Coleen Rowley has no desire or intention to grant Social Security money to illegal aliens.

Nobody on either side of the aisle has ever proposed any such thing. How could we even accomplish that if we did want to? Illegals don't exactly register their identities with the federal government, which is sort of what makes them illegal.

What Kline seems to be basing his accuasation on is the mere fact that most Democrats (and many Republicans including the President) support the McCain/Kennedy immigration bill, and that most Democrats voted to table an amendment that would strip naturalized citizens of some of their benefits.

Did you follow that? Let me lay out the Kline logic for you once more. See if you can spot the numerous problems with the math.

1. An amendment is offered to the immigration bill. That amendment, if passed, would deny citizens of this country credit for the taxes they paid into Social Security during their naturalization process.

2. A solid bi-partisan majority votes against that amendment.

3. The Democrats were part of that bi-partisan majority voting against the amendment!

4. Rowley is a Democrat!

5. Therefore, Rowley wants to give Social Security to illegal aliens.

Since I don't accept that Kline or his campaign are stupid enough to actually believe that ridiculous conclusion, I can only characterize it as an outright lie, which he hopes the voters are stupid enough to believe. Please get to the polls on Nov. 7th and prove him wrong.

If you want to read more, here is a link to debunking this meme, and one to the Rowley Campaign's response.

Secondly! I've just learned that Kline appeared on Fox 9 News this morning, and once again put forth the assertion that the Communications Director for Rowley's campaign, an unpaid volunteer staff member, wants to legalize meth-labs. I've addressed this idiotic statement once already, but let's look at the Kline-logic again. Again, see if you can spot the problems with his argument.

1. Bailey (the staffer in question) writes on a personal blog in 2003 that he favors decriminalization of recreational drugs, which would allow them to be regulated and taxed, and make the trafficking of drugs by bad men with guns unprofitable. He is not the only one who thinks so.

2. Therefore, Bailey wants to see a meth-lab on every block.

3. Therefore, Rowley must want to see a meth-lab on every-block! Even though she is on record as being adamantly opposed to legalizing drugs in any way, and even though a 5th grader could understand that the opinion of one unpaid staffer, expressed years before the Rowley campaign existed, does not reflect the policy of the candidate!

Does John Kline really think so little of his constituents as to believe they will fall for this crap? Well, maybe he's on to something. I could play this little game too.

John Kline wants to blow up your children with an I.E.D! Outrageous I say!