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Monday, October 02, 2006

Kline Declines Debate

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 10/02/2006 | Kline declines League debate with Rowley

The Kline campaign informed the League of Women Voters last week that the congressman is declining its invitation to participate in a three-way debate Oct. 14, in the thick of the election season.

No, I am not surprised. Kline here shows just how enmeshed he is with the Corruptican..., err, Republican party. This local display of cowardice is simply a reflection of that which is wrong at the national level.

In an early evening e-mail to reporters Friday, the Rowley campaign knocked Kline for "making little visible effort to make his positions known."

"Either John Kline does not have the courage of his convictions or he's very afraid of the voters in the 2nd District," Rowley said in the statement.

In a quick rebuttal, Kline spokesman Troy Young said Rowley was trailing in the polls and called her news release "the act of a desperate campaign on life-support."

"We're debating at least five times," Young said. "We debated twice before Labor Day."

The Kline campaign, however, was unable to explain why the candidate was refusing to participate in the most visible televised forum of the election season. The League, a nonpartisan political group that does not endorse candidates, has a 28-year tradition of sponsoring high-profile debates and political talks.

And Kline is not the only local Republican to channel the national shortcoming:

Hoyt, of the League of Women Voters, said U.S. Rep. Gil Gutknecht, a Republican who represents southern Minnesota, had also declined an invitation to debate DFL challenger Tim Walz.

The MN GOP is stuck with having to live down their support of a president that is unpopular, dishonest, and clearly incompetent.

<snark>Awwwww, breaks my heart.</snark>

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Please check my blog at for more on Kline ducking this debate and on how he fits into the Rep. Mark Foley sex scandal.


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