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Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween scare

Not feeling too afraid this Halloween? How about a scare like these headlines from:

The Indianapolis Star (, Oct. 29, 2006: Expert: U.S. debt a ticking bomb, August 3, 2006: U.S. Comptroller General Warns the Nation of Economic Calamity
The Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 5, 2006: The comptroller: Washington's prophet of fiscal doom
Pensito Review, Dec. 26, 2005: GAO Wants Bush Administration to Wake Up to Economic Problems, Nov. 11, 2005: A 'fiscal hurricane' on the horizon
The Heritage Foundation Web Memo of Dec. 21, 2004: Walker's Warning: Nation's Top Accountant Worried About Financial Future

Yet George W. Bush, in spite of the recent report that the U.S. economy is the weakest it has been in 3 years, is out on the stump telling us the economy is "robust" and "vibrant". They point to the stock market as the key indicator of this great boom, though the majority of Americans do not earn their bread and butter in the stock market. We are in the slowest economic recovery in history, and the top bean counter in the country is warning of impending doom. Whom are you going to believe?

John Kline has voted for the Bush policies over 90 percent of the time, and if you are lucky enough to get to know his views, he will probably mimic the president's claims. He has served two terms in the House, and like the rest of the Republicans, has performed no oversight whatsoever. Along with digging us a hole in Iraq, they have dug us a financial hole we will be lucky to get out of, and will be our shameful legacy to the next generation. This GOP Congress has been borrowing like there is no tomorrow, and spending like there is a money tree in the back yard of the White House.

Afraid now?

Vote for change. Vote for Coleen Rowley for U.S. Congress.