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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Coleen Really Is The Only Choice

Rep. John 'stay the course' Kline or Agent for Change Coleen Rowley.
This week the Star Tribune made their choice for Coleen Rowley.

"...the big coup of today's endorsements was the thumbs up the paper gave to Blue America heroine Coleen Rowley over right-wing extremist and fanatic John Kline, by far the worst member of the Minnesota congressional delegation.

The Star Tribune doesn't savage Kline the way he deserves to be. Instead, their endorsement of Rowley is all about why she would make a better representative for MN-02. "we cannot endorse [Kline's] steadfast, increasingly strained, defense of the Bush administration over policies that have produced destructive budget deficits, mired the nation in a disastrous war and tarnished the nation's image as a defender of human rights and the rule of law.

Republicans have tried to paint Rowley as some sort of loose-cannon liberal. We don't see it: She was a career FBI agent, including a stint in New York investigating drug dealers and mobsters, and voted for George W. Bush in 2000 on the belief that he would govern as his father had. She would balance the federal budget by letting the Bush tax cuts expire exactly the way a GOP Congress wrote them and would reform immigration law by following the Senate Republican blueprint. She would move toward universal health insurance though a cautious strategy of state experimentation, and she would wind down the war in Iraq by following the sensible outline of Rep. John Murtha, the Pennsylvania veteran who has endorsed her. While Rowley is short on political experience, she has proved herself a quick study and avid learner. Washington needs a change in course, and the Second District is a good place to start."

Crooks and Liars is focusing on Coleen, trying to get the Blue America ActBlue total for her up from $15,000 to something her ace ground operation can deploy in two weeks to balance out the gigantic corporate warchest Kline has amassed by voting 100% of the time for Big Business interests over the interests of his constituents. He's, by far, the most out-of-touch member of the Minnesota delegation and the one who has most richly earned defeat.