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Saturday, September 02, 2006

John Kline's health care

John Kline has done so much to help seniors pay for their medications, right? And he's so concerned about keeping down the deficit that he voted to hold down some badly-needed funding for the VA.

Well, had he taken the time to look a bit further into the consequences of his votes, he could have predicted stories like this:

"workingmom OH" writes about her father:

My father has been taken to the E.R.... [he] takes no fewer than sixteen medications each day in an attempt to regulate his high blood pressure and to manage his Type II diabetes.

He is overweight and, for some reason, his blood pressure has been very difficult to get under control despite an aggressive drug regimen and his dedication to an exercise program. He underwent major surgery in July... for the placement of a stent to bypass a very large aortic aneurysm.

...[W]hile Medicare Part D did help with his drug expenses earlier in the year he hit the "donut hole" in June....
I have, of course, offered financial assistance. It's that pride thing, though. ...Dad elected to muddle along on his own... and save some money buying most of his medications from Canada. This worked pretty well until a few weeks ago.

He received a letter from US Customs stating that his medications had been seized. He would not be receiving his drugs and he is certainly out the money spent purchasing them in the first place.

So now taxpayers via Medicare can pay his ER expenses instead. What a great plan, Mr. Bush, senators and congressman. Is this what you intended to happen?

workingmom OH's complete diary is here:

BTW, here's a good link about how to get through the donut hole: