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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rowley challenges Kline to series of debates!


On Tuesday, a letter from Rowley was delivered to Congressman Kline's campaign office, challenging him to a series of debates on the issues, and to judge by the tone of the letter, Rowley is as fed up as I am with John Kline's straw men.

This is a man who has consistently responded to criticism of his voting record by changing the subject and trying to remind everyone what a darned personable fellow he is, gosh-darnit.

To see him participate in a debate addressing his actual performance as a congressman representing the interests of his district. . . well, it would be like watching some wonderful, beatiful dream in which America is still a functioning democracy!

I hope Congressman Kline has the guts to take up the podium and defend his indefensible record, and I hope the local news media steps up to justly excoriate him if he won't. Elections in this country ought to require that the candidates engage in a public discussion of the issues.

And hey, I'm sure Kline will welcome the chance to share his fried chicken recipe with a fresh audience.


I am trying to get an image of Rowley's letter to Kline uploaded here, but I am having technical difficulties. Hopefully, you'll be able to see it soon.