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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kline Releases Another Foul-Smelling Cloud From His Ink-Sac

What a dick. That's about the only thing I can think to say about John Kline, anymore. Recently, the focus of his campaign has shifted from avoiding his record and handing out fried chicken recipes to avoiding his record and handing out blatant lies about one of Rowley's unpaid campaign staffers, David Bailey.

Not only is Congressdick Kline lying willfully and with malice, but he's lying off-topic. Even if he wasn't twisting Bailey's personal musings from a 2003 blog entry into something they're not (Bailey wrote that he favors legalizing drugs, a not uncommon position based on the idea that legalization would reduce drug use and drug crime by removing the profitability -- Kline has tried to portray this as a desire to put a methlab on every block), it would still be a complete non-sequitur, as Rowley herself opposes drug legalization.

Kline thinks he can win votes by tricking his constituants. He wants you to believe that Rowley supports a platform that in fact she opposes, because of some words written 3 years ago by one of her staffers. Here's a clue, John -- just because you hold all the same positions as George W. and the rest of the GOP, doesn't mean everyone on the Rowley campaign holds the same positions as one staff member. Guess what -- Bailey's name isn't on the ballot.

The sliminess and illogic of Kline's tactics are so revolting that as much as they deserve a fuller debunking, I don't think I can go on writing about them. Instead, I suggest you read this: