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Thursday, August 31, 2006

You just can't lie to Mother Jones

We have a clear choice this election year. The best choice is Coleen Rowley... someone who has proven she knows right from wrong, and has the guts to stand up for her beliefs, no matter what. She has devoted her life to the safety of Americans, is strong, intelligent, diligent, ethical, honest, decent, and a true Patriot.

On the flipside, Rep. Kline will try to tout his years in the military as "proof" that he is somehow a more qualified protector, but he is not a leader; he is a follower. It only takes a look at his record to make you wonder if he took the time to even read the bills he voted on, since they are so in lock-step with the Bush administration's failing policies. There just isn't any way to separate Bush from any of the Republicans currently in office... "Birds of a feather, flock together."

Mother Jones recently released an article in the lastest edition (now online) showing a timeline of the lies told not only to us, but to the world. It is a clear, blatant, and irrefutible fact that the invasion of Iraq and subsequent occupation that has resulted in over 2,600 dead soldiers was done just because they wanted to. Thousands of innocent lives have been forever lost and devastated over the personal desires of a handful of liars.

It is indeed damning, and I urge everyone to check it out. For those of you who will try to cushion the blow by stating Democrats also supported the war, you are flat out wrong. There were diplomatic strings attached that Bush chose to ignore. The proof had to be there, but we now know it was all made up. We all were lied to. That is not the kind of leadership we need to keep our country strong.

Whether red or blue, we are all Americans, and must stand up for our nation. Rep. Kline continues to support the occupation of Iraq, even though the majority of Americans want us out. Does he then support the careless and clueless comments by Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, who insists on insulting us all? According to Don, if you are critical of the war policies of this administration, you - yes YOU - lack the courage to fight terror, and are suffering from "moral and intellectual confusion" about national security threats. Huh? I guess we all just fell off the turnip truck, right Don? At least Keith Olbermann had the cajones to give Rumsfeld the talking to he deserves.

The choice is clear... either you want the same talk-down leadership who rule by intimidation, secrecy, deception, and greed; or you want real change, peace, integrity, oversight, accountability, and respect.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Dude, Where's My Representative??

Well, either John Kline is involved in nothing, or just doesn't want us to know what he is up to since his "official" web site hasn't changed in a month. Honestly, I thought maybe he was pushing up daisies, until I heard he actually showed his mug at the State Fair to debate Coleen (though only did so with an extremely partisan mouthpiece such as Jason Lewis). How about having someone from Air America run the show, John? Nope. And they say liberals are cowards… or does that just apply to decorated war veterans?

Back to the web… peruse Coleen Rowley's site, and you get a veritable smorgasbord of information; a hot dish in the middle of the political pot luck of MN; the solid milk chocolate bunny, versus the hollow shell. It's great – even won an award. In fact, I think Kline's techies should take a lesson from the Rowley folks. Before Bush took office, I was a web developer myself, so I'm just sayin'.

So… where is Kline? His web site is void of anything relevant or timely. Is he speaking anywhere? Does he have an opinion, or should we just keep re-reading the same ol' blurbs? I don't get his mailings, so I assume I'm on his "do not send" list, but hey, I AM a constituent of the 2nd District, and will be voting in November. Do I need a personal invitation to be able to talk to my own elected official? Oh, duh, I know… just a NICE BIG FAT CHECK. Well okay then, the check's in the mail.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rowly vs Kline Debate at the State Fair

Just thought I ought to mention this, as it hasn't been pointed out on this blog yet -- Colleen Rowley and John Kline will take part in a panel discussion at the WCCO booth tomorrow at the Minnesota State Fair at about 1:45 pm. (An interview with Rowley immediately precedes this at 1:00. Later, at the KTLK booth at 5:00, they will hold a debate moderated by Jason Lewis.

If you are going to be at the fair, or can make it there, I suspect it will be a beautiful thing to see.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Have You Had Enough?

Follow the bouncing ball and spread the word.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Brain Injury Funding Cut

John Kline is quick to point out his military service, and claims to be a friend to veterans. Okay John, tell us what you are going to do about today's news. While recent reports tell us there has been a sharp rise in the number of bombs planted and aimed at our soldiers, and daily attacks have doubled since January, a piece in USA Today informs us that funding for the research and treatment of TBI (traumatic brain injury) caused by these types of explosions has been cut in half.

John wants to stick with the president's plan to "stay the course" (or the new version, "adapt to win"). At what cost, John? The Defense Authorization bill will be outlaying around $400 billion taxpayer dollars. Well, in the grand scheme of things, since you are bound and determined, John, to keep our troops in the middle of a civil war, what's another $7 million to take care of them when they get back, after their brains have literally been slammed around inside their skulls? It's the least you could do.

You all worked real hard to draft an extra special bill for brain-damaged Terri Schiavo. We now know all your hard work was to try to save a brain that was liquefying, but we still have to assume you have a special affection for the little gray cells, eh? I know Terri was just one person, and the guys at IAVA (the real Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) reports that at least 100,000 troops have been affected by TBI, so it is expensive. But, after all these years of borrowing and spending, and more borrowing and spending, well, it's just funny what this Republican ruled Congress decides to get stingy on. I know the pork and earmarks are more important than our soldiers, but it is an election year... c'mon.

Was stem cell research part of the Brain Injury Center's budget, and that's why you won't fully fund it? No matter, other countries will pass us by, so we will be able to have state-of-the-art, life-saving treatment like this at Wal-Mart rates in India or China… well, if you can afford to fly there, but that's pretty tough on minimum wage.

Senate Appropriations Committee spokeswoman, Jenny Manley says, "Honestly, they would have loved to have funded it, but there were just so many priorities." Well, golly gee and jeepers. Almost $9 trillion in debt, and another $7 million will just break the bank.

Never fear, there is a group out there doing what the federal government will not. The great volunteers at Operation Helmet will send our troops upgrade kits for their helmets. These upgrade kits provide our soldiers with the extra protection, comfort, and stability they deserve.

Oh, and John, if you're such a pal to vets, why does the
Disabled American Veterans rate you so poorly? I did, however, notice an increase for '06… wow, it's amazing what an election year will do.
John Kline 2006 rating: 66%
John Kline 2005 rating: 0%
John Kline 2004 rating: 0%
John Kline 2003 rating: 50%

Kline = Bush

"I don't make any apologies for what I do on the campaign trail." ~ George W. Bush
We shall see just how much Kline is not like Bush, as he claims.

"Trickery and treachery are the practices of fools that have not the wits enough to be honest." ~Abraham Lincoln

Coleen Rowley On Kline Attack Ad #2

Coleen is needed in congress because she doesn't rush to judgement, she's fair, she's willing to hear all views. She's open and honest and wants to help her other words she's the polar opposite of Kline! Read her reply to Kline's latest dirty smear campaign:

Coleen Rowley for Congress
For Immediate Release
Contact: Terry Rogers
Phone: 507-664-3850
August 18, 2006
Rowley Responds to Kline Attack Ad #2, David Bailey to Remain with Campaign
On the controversy surrounding John Kline's recent mailer and David Bailey's role with Rowley for Congress, Coleen Rowley, DFL candidate for U.S. Congress (MN-02), issued this statement:
"John Kline may want to run against David Bailey, but he's not. He's running against Coleen Rowley, and if his attack mailers are any indication, he's running scared right now. He's also running away from his record of support for the disastrous debacle in Iraq, for the Medicare Part D program which is dropping at-risk seniors down the 'donut hole', and for privatizing Social Security," said Rowley.

"David Bailey has made valuable contributions to the campaign, and he will continue to do so. I welcome input and advice from people with a variety of views. This necessarily means I will disagree with both my supporters and staff on certain issues at certain times. But at the end of the day, Coleen Rowley decides what Coleen Rowley stands for, period. And as a 24-year FBI agent who fought organized crime, I emphatically and unequivocally oppose legalization of all drugs, especially methamphetamine, heroin, and crack cocaine," said Rowley

"Now that I have had to answer the ridiculous, scurrilous charge that John Kline indirectly leveled against me, I would like some answers from him. Does he agree with yesterday's ruling that Bush's surveillance of innocent Americans without oversight is unconstitutional? If he is in Congress in 2007, will he push as hard for Social Security privatization as he did in 2005? What does he say to seniors who are falling into the Medicare Part D 'donut hole' and are now responsible for 100% of their prescription drug costs? And finally, what is his plan for bringing the American occupation of Iraq to a successful conclusion? Please be specific," said Rowley.

"When I'm in Congress, I won't hide from questions, even hard questions from my opponents. My track record shows I stand up for what I believe is right, even in the face of overwhelming adversity. And one thing I pledge right now and for as long as I'm in politics: I will never stoop to smearing an unpaid staffer on my opponent's campaign --- or anyone else --- for political gain," said Rowley.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kline Releases Another Foul-Smelling Cloud From His Ink-Sac

What a dick. That's about the only thing I can think to say about John Kline, anymore. Recently, the focus of his campaign has shifted from avoiding his record and handing out fried chicken recipes to avoiding his record and handing out blatant lies about one of Rowley's unpaid campaign staffers, David Bailey.

Not only is Congressdick Kline lying willfully and with malice, but he's lying off-topic. Even if he wasn't twisting Bailey's personal musings from a 2003 blog entry into something they're not (Bailey wrote that he favors legalizing drugs, a not uncommon position based on the idea that legalization would reduce drug use and drug crime by removing the profitability -- Kline has tried to portray this as a desire to put a methlab on every block), it would still be a complete non-sequitur, as Rowley herself opposes drug legalization.

Kline thinks he can win votes by tricking his constituants. He wants you to believe that Rowley supports a platform that in fact she opposes, because of some words written 3 years ago by one of her staffers. Here's a clue, John -- just because you hold all the same positions as George W. and the rest of the GOP, doesn't mean everyone on the Rowley campaign holds the same positions as one staff member. Guess what -- Bailey's name isn't on the ballot.

The sliminess and illogic of Kline's tactics are so revolting that as much as they deserve a fuller debunking, I don't think I can go on writing about them. Instead, I suggest you read this:

Monday, August 14, 2006

Ghosts From The Past

Just a little reminder of one of Congressman Kline's past statements:

Eat those words

"If you're talking to me in eight or 10 months, and we're not starting to see ... actual troop withdrawals, I'll be shocked."

-- Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., after visiting Iraq in November 2005. Two top Army officers testified in Congress this month that they cannot reduce troop levels at this time.

Gee, has Congressman Kline released a press statement stating he is "shocked?"

Ya, right.

Coleen On Our Safety

Coleen has a short summary on why under Kline's leadership, Americans aren't safer. Given Kline's voting record while in office he can't very well run on the enviroment, education, healthcare, or transportation. So he runs on his previous history of being an old soldier and keeping us safe. But that fails when you look at the facts:
"...Taking all of this into consideration, together with Republican Senator Chuck Hagel's recent statement that continued U.S. involvement in Iraq is "ruining our United States Army," I would like to ask John Kline exactly how keeping our soldiers in Iraq is making Americans safer. How is it making anyone safer?"

Friday, August 11, 2006

John Kline Avoids The Issues

I said I would try to sort out this brouhaha, and so now I shall. Well, try that is. I make no promises. Just let me say that I have no intentions of staying the course. Whatever the hell that is suppose to mean. I wonder if it is along the same vein as "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I guess failure is also in the eye of the beholder. And Bush, Kline, Lieberman and company just are not beholding any failure.

Anyway, if I wanted to get myself re-elected, I would certainly not start by getting all shrill over an unpaid campaign blogger's actions before becoming a member of said campaign.

You all go ahead and read the fun and games.

Oh, and sorry David. An unpaid Research and Communications Director. Though, I have to admit, it is a nice title. I guess if you are not going to get paid, best to get a nice, long, fancy title. Gee, do you think maybe had you had that title when you first went into Kline's campaign headquarter, you might have garnered a little more of a response then hearsay? And where can I get a nice, fancy title like that?

But I digress.

Oh, and you all did read the two links above, right? Sure you did. You all being well behaved blog readers and all.

But I still digress.

So, anyway, in an effort to discredit the Coleen Rowely campaign the John Kline campaign make some claim that a future member of her campaign administration attempted to make a donation?

That is it? Some one, not at that time a member of any campaign, who, in an attempt to find an answer for a question, is willing to donate to their campaign but is instead rebuffed and sent out empty handed?!

<snark>Whoa there. That's just so damn vile! I am disgusted. Nay! I am sickened. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are threatening to stain my carpet. By God, take that man behind the woodshed and teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.</snark>

Okay, I am better. It is just so maddening to have to witness blatantly childish school yard tactics from the campaign of a once honorable, and highly decorated, Marine.

Let me explain something; if there is one thing I recognize, it is repeated patterns of behavior. It is my job. Especially those patterns that are destructive. And this particular pattern has been evident in GOP campaigns since 1999. And it coincides with another pattern, a personal pattern of Mr Kline's.

It starts at the tail end of his service, when he had to follow a President around while holding onto a brief case. Then, when elected to State Representative, he again followed in the footsteps of a President, voting almost in lockstep to the administration. Now, we see that, again, he follows blindly in the path of a President, using well known and well established Rovian campaign tactics of shrill accusations as misdirection. All for the express purpose of hiding the truth about his terms in office: that far from furnishing any legitimate leadership, he has been a circus elephant led around by a rope.

What a sad, sad state of affairs. A decorated, once honorable Marine, now nothing more than a pachyderm version of a mule led by the nose.

I guess it would seem that decorated, honorable service does not necessarily carry over into public service.

Cross posted at Rook's Rant.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


From: America
To: George W. Bush
Cc: John Kline
Subject: Another Narrowly Averted 9/11 Repeat

Dear George and clone,

How did terrorists get onto planes in the U.K.? I thought they were all stuck in Iraq, since we are fighting them there so we won't have to fight them here. I am worried that I am no safer than I was in 2001. Are we maybe fighting the terrorists in the wrong place? If a war in Iraq hasn't kept them from attacking me, maybe we need to start one in Iran. Or what the heck, maybe New Zealand. Yeah, that sounds right to me. Let's fight the terrorists in New Zealand so we don't have to fight them here.

Please get right on that.

Coleen Rowley Is Right

From Ag News: Congressional candidates debate the farm bill at Farmfest
Second Congressional District candidate Coleen Rowley was right: The nine congressional candidates at last week's Farmfest forum rarely disagreed.

The group fielded questions on the farm bill, rural roads and emergency haying and grazing on CRP acres.

Second Congressional District Republican Rep. John Kline and James Oberstar, Democrat from the 8th District, didn't attend but their challengers, Democrat Coleen Rowley and Rod Grams, Republican, in the 8th were there.

All agreed the current farm bill is popular among farmers.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

No Kline on Ceasefire Resolution - yet?

Israel / Lebanon Ceasefire Resolution

Thank you Betty McCollum for co-sponsoring peace. Well, Rep. Kline, since you are a member of the "culture of life" party, will you support war or peace?

Medicare Part D Ads - WCCO Reality Check

Here's what you NEED TO KNOW.

Republican Play Book

Raw Story has a link to the Senate Republicans play book for the upcoming election. Same old crap. I would bet the House has the same or something similar.

Time to debunk this pack of b.s. again...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Here's That Letter


Good On Ya, Coleen!

Cross Posted at Rook's Rant.

Click here for the full letter.

Rowley challenges Kline to series of debates!


On Tuesday, a letter from Rowley was delivered to Congressman Kline's campaign office, challenging him to a series of debates on the issues, and to judge by the tone of the letter, Rowley is as fed up as I am with John Kline's straw men.

This is a man who has consistently responded to criticism of his voting record by changing the subject and trying to remind everyone what a darned personable fellow he is, gosh-darnit.

To see him participate in a debate addressing his actual performance as a congressman representing the interests of his district. . . well, it would be like watching some wonderful, beatiful dream in which America is still a functioning democracy!

I hope Congressman Kline has the guts to take up the podium and defend his indefensible record, and I hope the local news media steps up to justly excoriate him if he won't. Elections in this country ought to require that the candidates engage in a public discussion of the issues.

And hey, I'm sure Kline will welcome the chance to share his fried chicken recipe with a fresh audience.


I am trying to get an image of Rowley's letter to Kline uploaded here, but I am having technical difficulties. Hopefully, you'll be able to see it soon.