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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Talk About Changing the Subject . . .

From the "Huh?" Department:

John Kline's campaign spokesman Marcus Esmay had the following to say about his candidate this week:

"Congressman Kline is a 25-year Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam, was Military Aide to both Presidents Carter and Reagan and received Four Legions of Merit. John Kline doesn't need to talk about having integrity and ethics, he has lived it."

Taken alone, this is just the typical flag-waving and baby-kissing you might expect of a campaign that tries to buy votes with fried chicken. But here's the thing: He was responding to Rowley's criticism of Kline's voting record, in a speech she gave at a fundraiser, in which she pointed out that he has the worst voting record in the state on environment, education, disabled veterans and working family issues. Esmay even went so far as to call discussion of Kline's record a "smear."

A smear!

Okay, so, apparantly it's considered hitting below the belt to point out that Kline has been given a 0% score on the environment by the League of Conservation Voters. It is out of bounds to mention that he has been given a 0% score on education by the National Education Association. Announcing the fact that he was given a 0% by the group Disabled American Veterans is a low-down dirty trick. And the way Rowley talks about how the AFL-CIO gives him a mere 2.2%, well that's just plain mean.

Problem is, Marcus, it's all true. And your response is to talk about how Kline was a marine and a military advisor? Who cares!?!? What does that have to do with his voting record in Congress, I mean aside from offering a potential explanation for why Kline seems to always vote the way his Commander-In-Chief orders him to?

Oh, I see. A straw man argument. If you can't dispute the points your opponent is raising, dispute the ones she isn't. I'm sure everyone will be fooled, Marcus.

But then, I guess a straw man argument is strangely appropriate when you are trying to re-elect a puppet.