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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank you Coleen!

The result in District 2 wasn't what we had hoped for, but the numbers were good, and thanks to Coleen, more people learned about the truth behind the votes, and gained an insight into the true character of the right wing. I take comfort in the fact that John Kline and the remaining Republicans will have a strong leader in Nancy Pelosi, and bi-partisanship will be a fact, and no longer a hollow talking point.

It is also comforting to know that leadership will shift on two of the committees John Kline is a member of... the House Armed Services Committee, and the Education and the Workforce Committee. Perhaps now our troops and veterans will get what they need, and we can get real pension and other reform that benefits the workers of Minnesota, rather than the corporations that take advantage of them.

I am overjoyed that once again, we will have oversight, accountability, and integrity in our government. Perhaps with transparency and a greater expectation for results, Kline will drop the arrogant and condescending attitude he exhibited during the campaign. Humility is a good thing. Americans sent a clear message to Washington; we will be watching Kline's votes to see if he heard it.

I can confidently say Coleen is more in touch with Minnesota and our nation, shown clearly by the overwhelming shift in favor of the Democrats at both the national and state levels. I am also confident District 2 will continue to grow and diversify over the next couple of years, and we can look forward to 2008.

I want to thank Coleen for her efforts, dedication, honesty, and determination to talk about the issues that matter to us. Coleen showed what a genuine grass-roots effort could do, she is a valuable asset to Minnesota, and we would benefit greatly by her continued involvement in public service.

Thank you Coleen!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote For Coleen Rowley

It's time to vote for change!
Vote for Coleen Rowley!
Just this morning there were more complaints about Kline signs being placed illegally in public right of ways in front of churchs and down busy streets and hwys.

This wasn't the act of a confused lone sign locator. This illigal activity was being coordinated across CD2 in Burnsville, Lakeville, Shakopee, Eagan, and Apple Valley.

Kline's campaign is willing to break the law, smear the good name and reputation of a 24 year FBI agent, distort records and hide from open debate. Kline's immature and corrupted values must go.

Today we have the honor of voting for real change by voting for Coleen Rowley.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Democratic Halloween!

Smell my feet,
but if you really want to give me a treat:
1) Make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more to Coleen Rowley's campaign today!
2) Plan to spend one hour, two hours, or even a full day doorknocking and phonebanking for Coleen before Election Day!

John Kline snubs local Veterans

This event was a candidates forum at the Goodhue County VFW Monday night filmed by a Lakeville Dad. Filling in for Kline was his District Director Mike Osskopp, who was last seen yelling racial slurs at cars driven by Veterans at a Rowley event at the Rosemount VFW last month.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween scare

Not feeling too afraid this Halloween? How about a scare like these headlines from:

The Indianapolis Star (, Oct. 29, 2006: Expert: U.S. debt a ticking bomb, August 3, 2006: U.S. Comptroller General Warns the Nation of Economic Calamity
The Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 5, 2006: The comptroller: Washington's prophet of fiscal doom
Pensito Review, Dec. 26, 2005: GAO Wants Bush Administration to Wake Up to Economic Problems, Nov. 11, 2005: A 'fiscal hurricane' on the horizon
The Heritage Foundation Web Memo of Dec. 21, 2004: Walker's Warning: Nation's Top Accountant Worried About Financial Future

Yet George W. Bush, in spite of the recent report that the U.S. economy is the weakest it has been in 3 years, is out on the stump telling us the economy is "robust" and "vibrant". They point to the stock market as the key indicator of this great boom, though the majority of Americans do not earn their bread and butter in the stock market. We are in the slowest economic recovery in history, and the top bean counter in the country is warning of impending doom. Whom are you going to believe?

John Kline has voted for the Bush policies over 90 percent of the time, and if you are lucky enough to get to know his views, he will probably mimic the president's claims. He has served two terms in the House, and like the rest of the Republicans, has performed no oversight whatsoever. Along with digging us a hole in Iraq, they have dug us a financial hole we will be lucky to get out of, and will be our shameful legacy to the next generation. This GOP Congress has been borrowing like there is no tomorrow, and spending like there is a money tree in the back yard of the White House.

Afraid now?

Vote for change. Vote for Coleen Rowley for U.S. Congress.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coleen Rowley Right Choice In MN 2nd District

Coleen Rowley received the endorsement of the ECM editorial board. For those who don't recognize the name, they run the 'This Week' newspapers in Eagan, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Farmington, Rosemount, Savage, and Prior Lake. Because these are the local 'neighborhood' newspapers, this endorsement has a lot of standing within the communities of CD2 particularly in the South Metro.

The endorsement cited Coleen Rowley's thrift common sense when it comes to the economy:
"A self-proclaimed former Republican voter, Rowley can’t be dismissed as a liberal tax-and-spender. Her call for repeal of Bush tax cuts to the top 1 to 2 percent of income earners comes at a time when economic forces are conspiring to fatten corporate profits and further enrich the wealthy while leaving the middle class in its place. Rowley says revenue from repealing the tax cuts should be applied only to reduction of the $300 billion national deficit, not new spending."

They continue with why Rowley is a stronger voice than Kline, because Coleen Rowley will speak out, did speak out, even when unpopular:

"The recent National Intelligence Estimate confirms Rowley’s pre-war assessment, as terrorism worldwide increased more than three times from 2003 to 2005.Of course, Rowley is best known for her post-Sept. 11 documentation of how FBI headquarters personnel in Washington, D.C., mishandled information provided by the Minnesota field office on now-convicted terrorist plotter Zacarias Moussaoui. Timid, she is not. A nation thirsting for change will be better served with Coleen Rowley in Congress than with John Kline. "

Also citing "The nation’s growing polarization and disenchantment" being mirrored in CD2's campaign, they stated: "Kline offers stubborn support for a status quo that produced the deadly quagmire in Iraq and tax cuts that ballooned the federal deficit as war costs mounted."

They go on to say "His [Kine's] uncritical embrace of the Bush team’s Iraqi campaign is troubling, especially for a Marine veteran." I would assume they are referring to Kline's blind support to Bush over veterans, military personnel and common sense as well as his judgement and assessment being impaired and incorrect when it comes to both the war and it's 'stay the course' continuance with it's negative burdens regarding national security and the budget.

Be afraid... be very afraid!

The GOP is desperately trying to convince us we should keep them in power for safety's sake. They say we are living in dangerous times, and that we should be very afraid. In spite of their record of being the least productive congress in American history, they insist we are safer under their leadership, yet urge us to continue to be fearful, because they admit that after five years of getting safer, we are still not safe.

It's like the current denial of the catchphrase "Stay the course", a stance John Kline continues to support, in spite of recent comments from Republicans informing us we need to change the course, and U.S. generals calling for a complete change in leadership to do so.

After denying that "Stay the course" was even mentioned, White House shill, Tony Snow, admitted on FOX to "finding" eight instances where the phrase came out of the president's mouth. Keith Olbermann on MSNBC found 29 quotes, and let's not forget the times Condi, Don, and Dick used it as well. The defense of this one is that he may have said it, but we were getting the wrong idea, so it wasn't really what he meant.

So, now not only do we, the voters, have to figure out if we really are safer, but also if those in the GOP mean what they say and say what they mean, or mean what they say but don't say what they mean, or maybe don't mean what they say, but say what they mean. Yikes. Who's on first, What's on second, and I Dunno – third base!

Okay, we're no longer "staying the course", but we will continue to stay in Iraq until the job is finished, whatever that is, and victory is achieved, whatever that means. Apparently the American public can't be trusted to know these things, because we are either too stupid, don't understand, or the GOP fears we'll give the secret away to the enemy, probably while talking to Aunt Martha in Des Moines, who is definitely part of a secret terrorist cell. I suppose that's why they decided to give the president the ability to label any one of us legal American citizens as enemy combatants, and put us in the new system of U.S. gulags.

Well, I have to admit that I am afraid, but not of external terrorists bent on destroying American democracy, after all, we've managed to survive revolution, civil war, world war, cold war, threats of war, and a myriad of armed and unarmed conflicts to become the most powerful nation on the planet. My fear is that those who swore to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution are doing a better job of destroying American democracy than any outside threat we could have imagined.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Coleen Really Is The Only Choice

Rep. John 'stay the course' Kline or Agent for Change Coleen Rowley.
This week the Star Tribune made their choice for Coleen Rowley.

"...the big coup of today's endorsements was the thumbs up the paper gave to Blue America heroine Coleen Rowley over right-wing extremist and fanatic John Kline, by far the worst member of the Minnesota congressional delegation.

The Star Tribune doesn't savage Kline the way he deserves to be. Instead, their endorsement of Rowley is all about why she would make a better representative for MN-02. "we cannot endorse [Kline's] steadfast, increasingly strained, defense of the Bush administration over policies that have produced destructive budget deficits, mired the nation in a disastrous war and tarnished the nation's image as a defender of human rights and the rule of law.

Republicans have tried to paint Rowley as some sort of loose-cannon liberal. We don't see it: She was a career FBI agent, including a stint in New York investigating drug dealers and mobsters, and voted for George W. Bush in 2000 on the belief that he would govern as his father had. She would balance the federal budget by letting the Bush tax cuts expire exactly the way a GOP Congress wrote them and would reform immigration law by following the Senate Republican blueprint. She would move toward universal health insurance though a cautious strategy of state experimentation, and she would wind down the war in Iraq by following the sensible outline of Rep. John Murtha, the Pennsylvania veteran who has endorsed her. While Rowley is short on political experience, she has proved herself a quick study and avid learner. Washington needs a change in course, and the Second District is a good place to start."

Crooks and Liars is focusing on Coleen, trying to get the Blue America ActBlue total for her up from $15,000 to something her ace ground operation can deploy in two weeks to balance out the gigantic corporate warchest Kline has amassed by voting 100% of the time for Big Business interests over the interests of his constituents. He's, by far, the most out-of-touch member of the Minnesota delegation and the one who has most richly earned defeat.

John Kline = Schoolyard Bully

John Kline-Schoolyard Bully

Bush's administration has a SOP of fear, coverup, intimitation, and personal attacks. They've become the school yard bullies and every child knows it. It's time to throw John Kline out and vote for change. Vote Coleen Rowley.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

September Fund: Bush ad

Vote Change! Remember the Kline votes lockstep with the Bush Administration. Vote for Coleen Rowley.